April 20, 2009

crazy/lazy/sick weekend

We had a bit of a lazy/crazy/sick weekend. Last Thursday Makayla got to meet who she was named after. I met Michaella when she was 5 she is now 14. I always loved her name and personalty. I loved her so much I choose to name my daughter after her, just a different spelling. Makayla loved her and her sisters. It was so good to see them all it has been a long time since we have seen them.

Michaella and Makayla

Friday was spent at the Dr and filling prescriptions you can read more about that here.

Saturday morning we went to a small local fair to benefit a school. Hannah and her cousins joined us. Makayla and I rode on a firetruck

lol She loved it.
She also won a few prizes and got to look at all kinds of lights, sights and interesting people. Nenny and Grandmom were selling pampered chef stuff and a friend of ours makes yummy homemade dog treats so we went to get a few of those.
We came home to find Molly had done this.
She pulled out all the stuffing in the dog bed. You can see it all in the back of the picture. Funny thing was she was inside the bed but I couldn't get the camera out fast enough for that shot. Maybe we should have rethought the dog treats. We got the bed stuffing all cleaned up, and had a relaxing afternoon.
That is until Makayla started puking. Yuck I don't do puke well, even my own child's. We got that all cleaned up and then there was more snot sucking here are the cute pictures of here swaddled up.
Like I said so sad it's cute. She is not this happy when we are done.
Sunday we didn't do much I ended up with the stomach bug as well. We watched lots of movies and spent some good quality time together. Steve came home from his golf weekend away and Makayla was very excited to see him. She missed her Daddy.
We hope you all had a good weekend as well. We are all starting to feel better.
Oh and we had to go back to the Dr this morning and we are now seeing a new Dr. WooHoo and we like him.

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