April 2, 2009

Learning new things everyday!

Makayla started clapping today! She has been trying for a while now but she finally got her hands together today. She is almost getting the hang of blowing kisses.

We had a pretty good day today. Makayla is really trying hard to walk. She keeps letting go while holding the couch, she can stand for a while on her own but when she tries to take a step she falls. She is going to be walking before we know it.

She HATES her new shoes. She cried so hard on the way today that she threw up when I took her out of her car seat. That was fun. She was fine as soon as I took off her shoes. Doesn't she know those shoes were not cheap and she is a girl she is supposed to love shoes comfortable or not! Just kidding. I hope she likes them better after she wears them a few times. She went to bed a bit early. I think the crying tired her out.

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