April 15, 2009

tornado's, tired, and TEETH

For the past 3 night Makayla has woken up almost every hour. She wakes up screaming. This is very unusual considering she has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks old. She wants nothing more then for me to hold and rock her. Since she has had a runny nose I have had sympathy and gone in and rocked her, or let her lay with me until she falls asleep. As soon as she hits the crib shes up again.
I have tried the cry it out and well after 20 minutes that feels like 20 hours I give in. She naps fine and still goes to bed fine but about midnight shes up.
Well today after a lavender soothing bath and warm pjs I put my finger in her mouth to feel her gums.....and.....WE HAVE A TOOTH! Finally she is getting her first tooth. I now have so much more sympathy, so much so that I gave her Motrin before bed and ahhhh she is still asleep.

So why is it midnight and I am still up? Well the past 3 night have told my body I don't need to sleep I guess. I also wanted to update with Easter pictures and let everyone know we are ok from the Tornado's that hit today. It was scary bad weather and then come to find out 2 tornado's hit just a little over a mile away from our house. SCARY. Besides much needed rain, and some thunder and lightning, we didn't get much else. I am off to bed now lets hope I get to stay there all night!

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