April 6, 2009

New sun hat/9 months old

Makayla got a new hat for the beach today. It was her 9 month birthday gift! She loved it.

Her and Daddy were playing around

She is crazyer then ever. She seems to do something new everyday. She is pulling up on everything and trying to walk. She can say Mom and Dada really well now and she even learned the word Stop. I guess she hears that a lot. We tried taking her paci away totally today and it didn't go so well. She has been paci free other then nap/bedtime and the car seat. She is doing great in the car seat but the bed not so much. After about 15 minutes of crying tonight she won I lost. I gave it back to her and she was asleep 2 seconds later. I guess we will try again another day.
Her 9 month photos will be up after Easter. Grandmom has the camera so we will take them when she gets back. Any ideas? I am kinda running out. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas. I need them I'm running LOW!
Also she goes to the dr. on the 17th put in your guesses for weight and length. just click on comments under this entry.

M Just being cute!


  1. I'm guessing 15 lbs even for her weight and 28 in. What were her 6 month stats...that would help:)

  2. ohh your right. at 6 months she was 14lbs 0oz. and 25.6 inches long. I think she is a little over 16lbs. Melissa you might want to up your weight a lilttle.

    Good luck all


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