April 7, 2009

Dog sitting

While my mom is on vacation we are dog sitting Cayenne Peppers. As many of you know our dog Molly is not so fond of Makayla. In fact she bit her today, but Makayla just laughs. Cayenne likes M a little more but M LOVES Cayenne. She is trying to crawl into her cage with her and loves to tease her with her toys. She bangs on the couch and pulls the blanket from under Cayenne. Poor Dog :( She deals with it well though.
With a 9 month old that is into everything and 2 dogs I feel like I say "no" and "stop" all day long. They had stare down this morning. Makayla WON!

Makayla is drinking her afternoon milk from a sippy cup all by herself. I thought this was so cute.

Who knew a 9 month old could make this much of a mess? She found a cube of books and has been obsessed with it for the last 3 days. She has to dump the entire cube to find just the right one. The Elmo one is her favorite.

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