April 26, 2009

Ridges and lines of a shell.

As I sat today on the beach looking at the water and watching the waves glide in and out over the sand I noticed all the shells that drifted in it's tides. (I could hear the laughter of Makayla with her and Nenny and Grandparents which made the moment so much sweeter. ) Looking at all the shells that have traveled a long and timeless path or have they? There are millions of different shells and each one has a different story or path its traveled, much like strangers, friends, fellow blog writers and readers. We all have this log path we have traveled to get to the same place. We ride along the waves that God places us on and we begin our journey. Some end up traveling long waves to end up carrying a precious life inside only to become empty again. Some carry life throughout there entire shell being if you will, some end up on the beach only to be buried by the sand and someday washed back out to shore only to drift again upon another warm bed of sand. Some get scooped up by a shell hunter placed in the bottom of a sandy bucket, washed out and placed in a bowl to spend it's life collecting dust. We have all done this. I have an entire room decorated around shells and sea life.

My point is have you ever looked a shell? I mean really looked at it? It can hold so much history that no one will ever know. Where did it begin it's jourey, mllions of miles away or the next island over? It's ridges and lines tell a story to make it what it is at that very moment you admire it and scoop it up or in M's case put it in your mouth. Shells are more like people then we think our lines and ridges make up our story. Each person different but in some way all the same.

We had a wonderful day on the boat and at the beach today. Makayla loves the sand, the shells, and the sun, the water not to much. I didn't take the pictures so I am waiting on them but as soon as I get them I will post them. We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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