April 29, 2009

Love/hate and celebrate

As we get ready to leave for our much awaited trip to Disney for my birthday I wanted to post a few pictures of Makayla and Molly. They are having a very love hate relationship these days. Makayla LOVES Molly and Molly HATES Makayla. Makayla chases and slaps Molly and she growls back and bites Makayla. M just laughs and starts all over again Ohh what am I going to do with these girls.

Makayla on the move get Molly.

She has her sights set. "I will get you my pretty"

Makayla what are you dong? Molly getting away.

Molly says "I am outta here" Makayla "I will get you over here too"

"You can't hide from me" Come on come play with me.
"I will reach in and get you!" Mom says "Makayla LEAVE Molly alone!" M says" I didn't do anything!"
We are leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend away at Disney. When you can get in free and you only live 2 hours away who wouldn't go? We will be staying at the Fort
Wilderness campgrounds in the RV. I can't wait to see Disney through Makayla's eyes. I will Twitter updates and try to update on Saturday night if I have time, if not you will have to wait until we return on Sunday. I hope you can wait that long. I'm just kidding. I promise to take lots of picture and have a wonderful 28th birthday.
Wow 28, the best part is I am excited about my birthday this year. I am happy with were my life is these days, and couldn't be more thankful for my wonderful family. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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