April 16, 2009

what is your guess? Dr appt tomorrow

Makayla has her 9 month dr. appt tomorrow. Her weight at 6 months was 14lbs 0 oz and her height was 25.6 inches long. I think she is a little over 16lbs close to 17. What do you think? Leave a comment on what you think her weight and height are. I will update tomorrow by 9:00pm so you have until then to leave your guess.

Ohhhh and she is doing pretty good with her new tooth except for the throwing up out her nose she did tonight. Poor thing it scared the crap out of her and totally grossed her mom out, but at least it didn't land in my hands. You should have seen Steve's face when he looked down to see what landed in his hands. O-well its all in a day of parenting. Needless to say I had my glass of wine tonight!

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